Party Rules

1. Your booking includes fun and games for the first hour of the party by our coaching team in the gym, you will then have 30 minutes for food and drink, during this time gymnasts are NOT permitted back in the gym  For the last 30 minutes, the gymnasts will be welcomed back into the gym where the coaches will supervise them for further activities.

2. Use of the kitchen, log cabin, tables, chairs, table cloths, plates, cups and jugs are all included.

3. You will need to supply food and drink (and the birthday cake!) a knife to cut the cake is provided but don’t forget the candles and something to light them with!

4. Please make sure all members of the party have removed all jewellery before joining in, otherwise they will not be permitted to participate.

5. All items you have used from the kitchen must be washed, dried and put back in the same location after use before the party finishes, as there is only 15 minutes between each party.

6. Please make sure all footwear is removed before entering the gym, all children should be bare foot, no socks or tights permitted.

7. Strictly no food and drinks in the gym. Food and drinks should be kept out in the cabin area.

8. Please ensure all guests follow the party safety rules and instructions laid out by coaches for their own safety.  Anyone not following the rules will be asked to sit out of the activity.

9. The cabin will have a party banner displayed. You are welcome to put up extra banners and balloons if you wish to. However these must be taken down by the end time of your party. 

10. Refunds – Cancellations 8 weeks or more in advance = full refund. Cancellations 4-8 weeks in advance = 50% refund. Cancellations 4 weeks or less in advance = no refund.

Please note there are only 15 minutes between each party slots. Please allow the party before to exit the building before you enter. The gym will open at 9.45am before the first party.