Latest Coronavirus update – 17/03/20

With the uncertainty of Covid-19, you will all appreciate that this is a difficult time for everyone. Here at Wade Gymnastics Club we are working as hard as we can to keep everyone informed as the current circumstances continue to escalate on a daily basis. With this is mind please note the following:

  • The club remains open and is fully operational until we inform you otherwise (please keep an eye on facebook and website for updates)
  • PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL YOUR DIRECT DEBITS – In doing so your child will forfeit their place in their class and this increases the possibility of the club closing permanently. 
  • If we do close temporarily we will inform you via email, facebook and the website
  • As I’m sure you will understand if there is a closure it will be difficult to put a time frame on this. We will continue to be led by the government guidelines as well as British Gymnastics advice.
  • For any length of time that we may be closed between now and the end of April we are looking at the possibility of providing extra classes during the summer holidays which all members that have missed sessions would be invited to – please note that the club is normally closed for one week at Easter which this year is Friday 10th April – Thursday 16th April inclusive 
  • If the club is forced to continue its closure into May you will not be expected to pay the full amount of class fees but only a percentage that will act as a retainer for your class place. This is likely to be 25% of your normal monthly fees. This will be essential to keep the club from closing permanently.
  • At this point we have not looked beyond May, but we will keep you informed as things evolve.

In the meantime please follow our guidelines with regards to cleanliness when entering and leaving the gym.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email and we will do our best to give you some answers!

Thank you for your continued support.